Real Friends

R-eal friends , they don’t let you down,

E-ach brings a light to your dark days.

A-lways there when you’re feeling down,

L-istening to what you have to say.

F-inding a way to make you smile.

R-eminding you that you are loved,

I-nspiring you to go that extra mile,

E-ncouraging you to rise up above .

N-ever wanting to make you feel sad,

D-oing all that they possibly can,

S-aying what is good , not what is bad.

A-nd taking the time to give you a hand .

R-eal Friends will answer your calls,

E-ven in the middle of the night.

R-eal Friends will catch you if you fall,

E-verytime you lose sight of the light,

A-fter everyone has come and gone,

L-ife’s true friends stay on and on


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